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There are few human beings one meets in a lifetime that make an impression of one and that could be followed blindly and be trusted fully. Todd is such a man and if one knows me and my attitude toward life, it is says something profound. I became one of his first clients. What stood us in good stead was our being educated in these matters simultaneously, believing in the Buffet manner of investing and sticking to it through thick and thin.
Todd Sudds is a unique individual with many old fashioned values; honesty, integrity, dedication, hard work, truth, and has the ability to look in ones eye with good or bad news. I have known Todd for over 30 years and I am proud to call him my friend and brother. Those qualities aside he has educated himself in manner as to be superb at what he does and I have benefited greatly from his knowledge.
Lastly Todd has clients that are far wealthier than I am and yet he treats my funds with as much care and attention that he does the others. I receive not only monthly updates but periodic phone calls to check in, update and make recommendations for changes. Communication has always been a strong point for us and continues to be. Straight forward, honest, truthful and unvarnished.
I would recommend Todd to anyone in need of financial advice. Now, due to his enthusiasm, he has written a book to assist people with their financial education in much the same vein as The Wealthy Barber did for us. 

~ Ron Thorne

I have known Todd since the days of policing in number 14 Division of the Toronto Police. He became my financial advisor in the, late 1990's. The first one hour scheduled meeting ran to just over three hours as he took the time to explain his investment objectives and answer any questions I had. Needless to say I have been with him ever since.


I enjoyed his book " The Wealthy Breakfast Club" it was a light read and the characters in the book were ones the average person can easily relate to. His investment advice given to myself and my wife Valerie over the years was re-enforced in the book. It worked for us over the years. His advice given in small doses throughout the chapters made it easier to assimilate. The chapter on health, something not often seen in investment advice, is not only sound advice but something we all should pay attention to if we want to enjoy our retirement. All in all the book provides sound investment advice.


Thank you Todd for being my investment guru over the years as well as being a friend.


~ Scott Fargey

"My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude and good fortune to have met Todd SUDDS, Senior Financial Advisor from Manulife Securities.

We were introduced to Todd about a year ago after a friend heard my wife complaining about our, then, financial advisor.  We’re a regular family that works hard to earn for our future, to pay for our kids education and have enough left over to enjoy life.  We were just looking for a good plan to help us reach our goals.   However, with that particular advisor, we filled out a form, and then our money was invested into places that corresponded to our individual investment “personalities.”  After that we had annual meetings, after which, we would leave scratching our heads.  There was very little discussion about our goals and there didn’t seem to be a plan.  My wife and I are very much lay people when it comes to finances and investing and the advisor wasn’t much help when explaining things.  There was a definite “disconnect” that left us feeling dissatisfied.

That’s when we met Todd SUDDS.  From day one he made us feel like we were important.  He took the time to break things down and explain things so that we can understand them.  He ascertained our goals and then produced a comprehensive plan that took care of all of our needs and then explained it so that we knew exactly how we were going to get there.  This provided us with much needed reassurance and confidence in our future.

Todd’s strength in being a top advisor is that he invests in people.  He looks into the people behind the funds that he’s investing in.  But what we really like about Todd is that he genuinely cares and is there for us when we have a question.  He personally answers the phone, not a secretary, and he keeps us apprised of developments in our investments through phone calls or emails.

We’re so grateful to have Todd SUDDS on our side.  We’d recommend him to anyone who wants a smart investor who cares about you and your money."

 ~  TJH

"We came across Todd in 2007 through a coworker that had nothing but great words for Todd's dedication to his profession. We have been greatly impressed by Todd's relentless commitment to deliver the best financial product to his clients and we feel truly lucky to have had him as our Financial Advisor for the past 9 years. Todd has a passion for his work, and has an extreme and deep knowledge of the financial industry through regular meetings with the fund managers. That's why his advice and guidance has helped us get through some difficult financial times successfully, and has given us solid direction for the retirement options that lie ahead. Todd shows commitment to frequent and transparent communication about the financial options and what steps that we should take, through regular meetings, emails and phone calls. He is always there to answer questions even at late hours, and many a times has gone above and beyond to help us, like a good friend. We have introduced Todd to our friends and without question we highly recommend him.”

 ~  Christie and Nik, Burlington

"Todd was highly recommended to us by our advisor in Nova Scotia and has been our financial advisor since 2007.  Since that initial meeting Todd has been instrumental in our decision making process by providing us with clearly defined investment recommendations based on his extensive knowledge regarding financial market research.  His passion to help others achieve financial goals in retirement is unmistakably evident in his lively discussions about current and forecasted trends in the market.  I would highly recommend Todd to anyone looking for a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about his clients. We look forward to our next adventures knowing that our finances are in great hands.”

 ~  Mike and Nancy in St. Catharines

 “I first met Todd 18 years ago when I was a young lawyer presenting at an estate planning seminar for professionals. I was impressed by his inquisitive foresight in the area of estate planning as he grilled me with questions. Over the years I have learned that while most financial advisors primarily concern themselves with money management, Todd is one of a select few who went above and beyond that to make sure his client’s family wealth was properly planned and protected for the next generation. Very few professional advisors take the time to author their own newsletters and persistently reach out to clients to be sure they participate in semi-annual reviews. Todd really cares! I was so impressed with his commitment to do what is best for his clients, that I became a client! I can tell you there are very few financial advisors who approach their work with the same enthusiasm and genuine concern for a client’s financial success year after year for over 25 years, than Todd. I am grateful that he accepted my offer to write this testimonial.”

 ~  Adam CAPPELLI. Founding partner Cambridge LLP and Certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Estates & Trusts.

 "We have been Todd’s clients since 1996 and are absolutely delighted with his service.  It is rare to find a financial adviser who not only possesses incredible depth of knowledge but also remains sensitive to our specific needs and preferences. Our financial matters were always handled with expertise, professionalism and much attention to detail.   We highly recommend him.   May we enjoy many more years of success and prosperity together!”

 ~  Heinz and Aysun Kuck

 “Todd has been providing solid financial advice and guidance to me for over 15 years now and as a result has helped me to significantly grow the wealth and financial security of my family and I during that time. I have worked with a few different financial advisors over the years but none have been as passionate and knowledgeable as Todd has been. I love the fact that Todd regularly meets with industry experts and fund managers and, as a result, often suggests changes or refinements to my portfolio. Todd is guiding my family and I into a financially secure and prosperous retirement.”

Stephen Mason, Director of Engineering -- Canada

"We have been Todd's clients since 2007. Todd was recommended to us by a co-worker who had been using Todd as his financial advisor for several years. How fortunate we were to finding someone like Todd. He is the ultimate professional who takes his clients interest very seriously. Todd has an incredible knowledge of the financial markets and meets regularly with various industry experts and fund managers to keep up to date on what is happening in the financial world.

 How fortunate we are having found Todd as our financial advisor. He has created a financial plan and retirement plan that will allow us to have good retirement and be able to retire earlier than we ever imagined. 

Todd stays in touch with his clients on a regular basis providing advice as required. It is very comforting knowing that I can call Todd at any time to discuss any financial concern.

I would highly recommend Todd to anyone who is in need of a financial advisor. You will not be disappointed." 

John Sommers

"Todd, you have been looking after my investments for the last twenty years. I have learned over time that one should always seek out the best in their profession in order to get the best results. My wife and I are now retired. With the effort you have put forth on our behalf, we are now enjoying a safe, secure and financially stable retirement. I am not an investment guru. But I have seen how you embraced your profession. You not only know all the funds you deal with, you know all their managers personally as well. At your personal expense I have seen you travel far and wide to gain more knowledge so you can be the best you can be. Your policy, like Warren Buffett’s, buy good companies and hold them, has served me well through some chaotic times, like 2008. You are a true professional. Over the years when we met for you to bring me up to speed, I would have liked for you to cut to the chase, but you would always make me hear you out and get all the facts. Well Todd, I appreciate you always being there when I call and always being the real you." 

Your Friends BOB & NEOLA

“Todd has been our financial advisor since 2003.  He has consistently kept us informed of the status of our portfolio, and brings forward recommended changes to reduce risk and maximize our returns.  Todd has also brought several innovative investment opportunities to our attention over the years, resulting in significant tax savings.  We are happy with his ongoing stewardship of our investments.”

Deb & Dave of Woodbridge

"Todd has been my Financial Advisor since 2004, coming very highly and justly recommended by my Accountant. He comforted me into retirement while also providing the Financial Expertise and Professionalism which has brought continued prosperity in my retirement for my Family & I. Todd has developed over the years into a very knowledgeable and keen Financial Advisor with my best interests in mind. This growth has been a joy to be part of and each visit with Todd is a joy with complete fulfillment.

2015 my Wife consolidated her investments and moved the portfolio to Todd. Communications on this portfolio with Todd has been more active and constructive than over the previous years with her complete awe and satisfaction.

We both highly recommend Todd and have great faith that he will keep us informed and act in our best interests."

Ron & Wanda

"For over twelve years, Todd has been much more than just our financial advisor. He has been a supporting family friend, mentor, confidant and patient teachers of all aspects of personal finances. We have put our trust in Todd’s passion for keeping current on what industry leaders and fund managers are saying on market trends. With his steady guidance and timely adjustments to our portfolio, we have far exceeded our financial goals for retirement. Soon my wife and I will be retiring, and I am happy and secure knowing that with Todd’s continuing support, expertise and professionalism we will have no financial worries. I would highly recommend Todd if you’re looking for a financial advisor."

Pat & Alex of Guelph

"Todd was recommended to me by a friend and I have been working with him since 1996. Even though its been almost 20 years, I still recall our first meeting and I was impressed with the amount of time he took with me to not only review the investment portfolio I had at that time, but also to ask me what my goals were and how I envisaged what retirement would look like and what I wanted to do once retired. He then built a strategy based on those goals.

Todd is passionate about helping his clients meet their goals and he keeps up to date not only on the current investment scene, but also on what could potentially happen in the future. He then keeps me informed and makes suggestions on how we should adjust my portfolio to make it even stronger. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to retire earlier than originally planned. I have recommended Todd to friends, who now have him as their financial advisor."

Steve Lico, Toronto